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The Stelladaur Academy

Where Young People ARE the Difference

The Stelladaur Academy is an online educational enrichment program for educators, as well as for individuals 13-19 years of age. The Stelladaur Series, Book One: Finding Tir Na Nog is integrated into an innovative curriculum that provides a unique, fun and rewarding avenue for young people to pursue self-discovery, creativity and character development. Numerous scholarships ranging from $500-$10,000 are available annually and can be used for individual educational and artistic pursuits.

Educational Enrichment!
Self Discovery!
Creative Renewal!
Character Development!
Diverse Scholarship Opportunities!

Fundraising Opportunities

"Cash for My Class"—A Stelladaur Book Project!
Please email to request information about how you can raise money for your classroom, school or youth organization!

"A Book for Every Child Project"—Provides books for patients at children's hospitals across America. Please email to request information about how you can help enrich a child's life.

Visit the online campus TODAY at!